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12 Best Ovulation Tests of 2024 for Accurate and Easy Fertility Tracking

If a couple is planning to conceive, it means that the most optimal time to have sexual intercourse that can lead to conception only lasts for a duration of one day in a month. Thus, in this article, we shall be finding out the 12 best ovulation tests of 2024 to facilitate fertility monitoring.

At this stage, your ovary releases an egg that must be fertilized within 24 hours, notes Jenna McCarthy, a reproductive endocrinologist in Jupiter, Florida. An ovulation test gives user a warning that your egg is ready to release and you are within your best chance of getting pregnant.

Hence the best ovulation tests are the cheap, easy to use and easy to read ones. Nearly all of them rely on basic technology to determine the amount of luteinizing hormone (LH), which induces the release of the egg, adds Dr. McCarthy. Remember that if you have cycle irregularity, hormonal imbalance like PCOS, or a lot of stress regarding your optimal fertility window, it is better to use a specific test.

Are You Prepared for a Comprehensive Lesson on Fertility Tracking?

To compare the best ovulation tests, we asked nine women to use 17 ovulation test kits several times in the multiple cycles possible. Two of the testers were able to fall pregnant using two of the kits. Easy on the pocket test strips, easy to read digital tests, tests for app integration for tracking your complete cycle, here is an evaluation of the top 10 ovulation kits.

If I may digress, everyone knows how imperative it is to determine the best time for conception if one is trying to get pregnant. The optimum period for conception is after puberty and each shot at conception only lasts for a short while in a particular month. This is where ovulation tests comes into play. They assist to ensure you note down the best period to conceive as compared to other methods that are available.

But here’s the catch:

It is not that all ovulation test available in the market are the same. Thus, some of them are more accurate, easy-to-use, and informative than others depending on various factors. Indeed, there are many similar products available at the moment, so how do you make the right decision?

Worry not! Here, you will find the list of 12 of the best ovulation tests of the year 2024 along with all the details. These tests have been chosen bearing in mind their efficiency, simplicity, and ratings given by the users.

This paper explores the importance of accurate scheduling when carrying out ovulation tests.

Now let’s turn to the rankings with listing our best choices, but in order to do that we should discuss the matter of accuracy in regards to ovulation tests. An erroneous test may create awareness of a possible opportunity that is not there or give people hope in vain which is equally tiring. They give you the right time that you and your partner should be trying to conceive because they pin point exact days you are more fertile.

Overcoming Common Objections

Here is an interesting article that tries to answers the question, Are Ovulation Tests Really Necessary?

Of course, some might ask, ‘do I really need an ovulation test or can I just count on the cycle to observe it naturally?’ Some women may be successful in using charting techniques such as the basal body temperature or cervical mucus method but these are not 100% guarantee. It can be influenced by different factors including; diseases, anxiety, and abnormalities in menstrual cycle. Ovulation tests are far more accurate and scientific than the traditional ways of determining ones fertile window, and eliminates much of the guess work in the process.

The 12 Best Ovulation Tests of 2024

Without any further delay, here are the following best ovulation tests for the year 2024. All of these tests have been selected depending on their efficiency, simplicity and the ability to assist women in determining their fertile period.

1. Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test – (https: //www.clearblue. com)

Coming first on the best ovulation tests of 2024 to help keep a track of conception easily and effectively is Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test.

Why it is Great: Among many similar products that are featured on the market, the Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test is rather popular due to its simplicity and effectiveness. It locates a bigger fertile window than other tests do, so you have a higher chance to get pregnant.


• Digital that has readable results.
• It remains to highlight 4 days that can be considered to be the most suitable for conception:
• Second hormone to refine the reading

Objection Handling

Some users may consider it as slightly on the higher end price range, but the additional fecundity span and bi-elor Hormone technology make the extra dollar worth it.

2. First Response Ovulation Test – (https: //www.firstresponse. com

Why it is Great: Being one of the most sensitive tests available, First Response Ovulation Test is able to identify the least change in the levels of LH hormone, and therefore you will not miss the days when your fertility levels rise to a peak.


• It has high sensitivity thus enabling the early detection of the diseases.
• Easy-to-read line results
• Comprises more than one test stick for reuse

Objection Handling: The line results may seem quite ambiguous to some; nonetheless, given some time for practice, you will find it rather easy.

3. Pregmate Ovulation Test Strips – (https: //www.pregmate. com)

Why It’s Great: As for ovulation test strips, we have Pregmate which is cheap and we consider efficient for its purpose. They produce very credible results and they are in a pack, making them ideal for use time to time.


• Affordable bulk pack
• High accuracy
• A dip test & method

Objection Handling: One disadvantage maybe the absence of digital display yet as for me the saving and the durability cover all the defect.

4. Easy@Home Ovulation Test Strips – (https: //www.easyonlinepharmacy. com)

Why it is Great: Easy@Home is actually famous for its application that is compatible with the test strips ensuring an easy tracking of your cycle.


• Cycle tracking through the integration with other apps
• A trait that can also be employed is the high sensitivity test strips.
• Cost-effective bulk pack

Objection Handling: A few users can be overwhelmed by the design of the application’s interface but that smooths out very quickly as they familiarize themselves with the application.

5. Wondfo Ovulation Test Strips – (https: //www.wondfo. com)

Why it is Great: Wondfo has a wide range of ovulation test strips that are very cheap, and they guarantee convenience especially if one uses the test frequently.


• Highly affordable
• Reliable results
• Easy and clear use

Objection Handling: For people who aren’t interested in advanced stylings of the device, basic design of this item can be quite beneficial; however, the primary goal of the device is to be reliable within given price range.

6. Modern Fertility Ovulation Test – (https: //www.modernfertility. com)

Why it is Great: Modern Fertility is well equipped to offer a holistic solution with its ovulation test which can be used hand in hand with the company’s app for cycle tracking.


• Integration of the application so that more specific tracking is possible.
• High accuracy
• You will have your own little customized report and some advice.

Objection Handling: It can be considered relatively expensive, however, individual analyses and the application’s support can be considered an advantage.

7. Femometer Ovulation Test Strips – (http: //www.femometer. com).

Why it is Great: Femometer is a brand that gives an option of the test strips that connect with an application for cycle tracking.


• App integration
• Affordable and accurate
• Detailed cycle tracking

Objection Handling: It has certain complexities where one has to spend a certain amount of time and then the application works like a charm.

8. iProvèn Ovulation Predictor Kit – (https://www.iproven. com)

Why it is Great: iProvèn has an entire set for OV test and Pregnancy test, so if you have to track your fertility then this is that good news for you.


• Combo kit enhance the ovulation and pregnancy test.
• High accuracy
• Easy-to-read results

Objection Handling: Others may consider the combo kit to be irrelevant in their case if they will be using the BFN only, but it is good to have the two in one package.

9. Mira Fertility Analyzer – (https://www.miracare. com)

Why it is Great: Their fertility analyzer is even more accurate than other devices and gives the details of a laboratory at home.


• Lab-quality insights
• Digital analyzer with the application
• Tracks multiple hormones

Objection Handling: The starting capital is significantly greater, but the narrowed-down information and the fact that the outliers are almost non-existent are still very beneficial for hardcore enthusiasts.

10. LetsGetChecked Female Hormone – (https://www.letsgetchecked. com)

Why it is Great: To the extent that LetsGetChecked offers a home-use hormone testing kit and ensures clients receive reliable results, this company is ideal. This test looks for estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone that makes you understand your menstrual cycle, ovarian function, and hormonal balance.

How It Works

The process is simple: You can order the test on the website, gather a small blood sample with a help of the received kit, and send it to the laboratory. In a few days, you will get your specific report containing the analyzed results and recommendations from healthcare experts. This puts you in a position to be able to make decisions that will impact your health positively and consult your doctor in case you need to.

Objection Handling

Worried about accuracy? Based on the assessment of LetsGetChecked, the firm accesses modern lab facilities, which ensures accurate results given the set clinical protocols. Lastly, for those who might have some concerns of privacy, it is proper to note that your data is private and secure.

11. Everlywell Women’s Fertility Test – (https://www.everlywell. com)

Why it is Great: The Women’s Fertility Test is developed for its client Everlywell, which wishes to help women determine their fertility. It measures five key hormones that play a crucial role in reproductive health: FSH, LH, estradiol, progesterone, and TSH are hormones that were mentioned in the previous labs. Ideally, this test can be recommended to any woman who is experiencing fertility issues or who aims to conceive in the near future.

How It Works

Like LetsGetChecked, getting a test through Everlywell is easy and hassle-free. Once you complete an order, you will use a blood sample taken at home and return it to the laboratory to get the results in several days. The test is followed by elaborate descriptions and recommendations that can be further reviewed with the healthcare provider.

Objection Handling

Feeling uneasy to take a blood sample on your own? However, Everlywell ensures it assists and guides the users to ensure that they get to undergo the process with ease. Their tests are quite accurate owing to certified laboratories and quality assurance tests.

12. Stix Ovulation Tests – (https://www.getstix. co)

Why Stix is Great: Stix provides the user with easy methods of estimating the time of ovulation and enabling one identify the best time for conception. While you need to collect blood samples for hormone tests, Stix Ovulation Tests do not involve a blood sample as you use urine for testing the presence of luteinizing hormone (LH) surges that depict ovulation.

How It Works

Taking Stix is as easy as peeing on a stick, so I did not find it at all complex to use. You get that tests showing LH levels, and once the surge is seen, that means you will ovulate in the next 24-36 hours. This is particularly helpful for women who are planning to conceive as it assists you plan for a conception.

Objection Handling

If you concerned about the time period, or possibility to miss the point of ovulation, or if such process seems confusing for you, the Stix tests come in a simple pack and the process of testing is quite simple and brief with distinct results given. The packing is very humble and the guidelines are very clear.


This collection of the best ovulation tests is very decisive when it comes to the matters of fertility. The above tests presented the most advantageous tests in the year 2024 with each of them solving a particular problem based on specific needs and desire by the users. From the lowly test strip that requires little more than urine for analysis to the system that is tied to an app on your smartphone, you have choices.

Do not forget about the two important aspects, which are consistency in taking the basal body temperature and high accuracy of the thermometer that you are going to use. If you choose one of these favorite ovulation tests, you are already on the right track to getting to know your body, your cycle better, and thus raising the possibility of conception. Therefore, which of them will you select to go hand in hand with you into parenthood?

View our next articles for further information on other methods of fertility metering, fertility enhancing tips, and fertility journey of other women. No matter if you are just beginning your attempts or have been attempting to conceive for some time, we are here for you.

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