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18 Scalable Business Ideas For Nigerians

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Scalable businesses are privately owned businesses that typically require minimal capital to begin, have a limited number of employees, and operate independently within a localized area. In this comprehensive post, I have listed some 18 scalable business ideas in Nigeria.

If you have been wondering what kind of business you can do, herein are signs that you should start your small scalable business in Nigeria today. Read also 18 Impressive Ways to Grow Your Business With Social Media

You already have the skill: since many of these businesses are skill based such as barbing, hair-styling, catering, and private tutoring, you need little or no money to begin.

Below are 18 Scalable Business Ideas in Nigeria:

Do you want to be your own boss, and want to work on your terms, decide your working hours, and build something for you, starting a small business is your best choice. One of the best parts of these businesses is that you don’t even need a business partner to start.

1. Event planning

Nigeria is a country where every weekend has an event attached to it. One could record nothing less than 20 “owambe” occurring at different parts of the country in just a single day. Fortunately, these events would always require a planner to ensure things go accordingly in exchange for cool cash.

You should not limit your arrangement and planning skills to the four walls of your bedroom. Opting for event planning business will conveniently increase your standard of living.

2. Beauty Service

This business is one of the hottest businesses in Nigeria. Nigerians love ‘owanbe’ and the truth is we always want to look good for any owambe.

Do you know that people especially ladies, spend a lot to look good for social occasions such as wedding ceremonies, funerals, birthday parties, naming ceremonies and even church services.

3. Gas shop

Gone are the days of Kerosene. A lot of households in Nigeria now cook with a gas cooker and because of this; the demand for gas has skyrocketed.

This business requires little capital, all you’d need is a shop, gas cylinders (you can start with one or two), and some basic materials such as scale, hose.

4. Hotel Services

Nigerians travel a lot and when we do, there is a need for a comfortable place to lodge. If this business is exploited, it turns around the fortune of the investor.

5. Interior decoration

This is yet another good scalable business ideas in Nigeria currently. Interior decoration as it were is the art of decorating or redesigning a residential building or commercial and business offices according to your client’s preference.

If you have an expert eye for art and color, this business might be the best for you. These days, interior decorations and design projects will yield a high profit for you.

6. Photography

As humans keeping memories are one of the most valued assets of our life, and one perfect way to keep them alive is through pictures.

On that note, professional photographers are in outrageous demand. If you are looking to start this business all you need to do is get a very good camera, take some training in photography, and Voila! You are ready.

7. Affiliate Marketing

Another very lucrative scalable business ideas in Nigeria is affiliate marketing. This is one way to make good money online in Nigeria. An affiliate marketer is one who sells products on behalf of an organization or individual.

To start this business, all you need do is register for any affiliate program of your choice (e.g. Jumia Affiliate, Konga, etc) get your affiliate link, choose your marketing niche and start selling. Well, not that easy though. You still need to learn the right way to go about it in order to avoid wasting your time. You can make up to N150, 000 through affiliate marketing.

8. Graphics designing

This business might be the best for you if you have a background in art or probably have a flair for art. If you don’t have a background in art, you can take some courses on graphics design.

This business requires little capital to start. All you’d need is to start is get some design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw

9. Transportation business

Transportation is another one on my list of scalable business ideas in Nigeria. Everyone goes to work or their business place or transport goods around. Being a basic characteristic of living things, everyone moves. With a fleet of vehicles or just one, you can solve this basic need by transporting people or goods around, and get paid for it. Transportation is a very good business that has space for everyone.

10. Cassava farming

“Garri” and “Fufu” are some of the most common foods in Nigeria. They are both made from cassava which places this particular product in high demand. Many do not venture into cassava farming due to the stress and nature of the business. However, if you hold yourself together and do this business, you are sure to make a good profit.

11. Fashion designing and tailoring

If you know your craft well, sewing a single cloth can earn you tens of thousands if you work with the right clients. You can start by obtaining the contract for sewing uniforms for a school, and later grow into sewing for other occasions. If you are good as a fashion designer and have a good business model, your work will speak for you in attracting clients.

12. Call center agency

Call center agencies are important because there would always be questions and complaints from customers. You can set up one and handle the customer calls for companies that do not have such a department. You can start small, and expand with time, with the major cost being to hire staff.

13. HR recruitment agency

Every company needs staff, but so many of them do not have the time to sort for, and run the entire process of recruitment. This is where you come in as a human resource recruitment agent. You can do this either in their place or in your own office and get paid for it.

14. Waste management

Currently, Nigeria’s waste management system is grossly underdeveloped, and this is causing a huge amount of pollution in the country daily. This is now creating business ideas in Nigeria where individuals and companies can pack, recycle, and convert waste into organic fertilizer for productive use.

This is also a very lucrative and scalable business idea because there are many uses for recycled waste these days. There are many recycling companies in Nigeria you can contact and partner with.

15. Animal Husbandry

Nigeria is an agriculturally inclined country, and one aspect of agriculture is the rearing of animals. We do not limit this to mere poultry; it goes further to cover rearing cattle, snails, goats, fish, etc. All you just need is a large space of land somewhere close by, capital, and enough time. You also need to gain the necessary skills and knowledge about your choice of animals and their care.

16. Laundry services

The laundry business is another business popular in Nigeria today because Nigerians are so busy and they hardly have time to wash their clothes and other household items.

This business requires a little capital, and you can do it right in your home without a shop. Just get a washing machine, a functioning pressing iron, telephone number, and a signboard.

17. Rental services

People often would not buy one/two-time-use equipment when they know they can borrow. You can buy these types of equipment and put them up for rent such as chairs, music boxes, and canopies, all you need is the proper maintenance of the equipment and advertisements for recognition.

18. Mobile phone repair

The last but the least of my list of 18 scalable business ideas in Nigeria is mobile phone repair. With significant training and little money, you can get your phone repair kit and start making good money. Additionally, you will need good communication skills to convince, and gain your customers trust and loyalty, trust me, in no time expand your business. Now check out these 25 best profitable business ideas for Christmas season.


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