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28 Profitable Christmas Business Ideas That Can Fetch You Money

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The busiest time of the year is here again, a time when family members and colleagues at working place exchange gifts; it is the Christmas season. This season is not limited to exchange of gifts alone; it is also the time for business minded persons to make money from sales and services. So, in this article, I have brainstormed, and from the experience of the years past, listed profitable Christmas business ideas that can fetch you money.

There are lots of business opportunities around during this period. This article is about small Christmas business ideas you can explore. Read also: 22 Ways to Grow Your Business Overnight Using Social Media

Below are Profitable Christmas Business Ideas that are in high Demand:

There are a lot of holiday business opportunities around you that are worth it considering your geographical location and the culture of where you reside.

1. Cold Room Service

Yuletide is a time when people might want to buy things ahead of time, and in most times; they don’t have the facility to from them before the time of use.

All you need to do for this profitable Christmas business idea to successful is getting minimum of two big deep freezers and a good generator, you can use any space or room in your house, you can also rent a store.

Your target should be freezing of drinks, meat, fish, and all perishables for customers.

I must mention here from experience that your clearly spell out the terms and conditions to your customers. And ensure to make electricity readily available.

2. Selling of Retailed Foodstuff

The food business is as old as humanity, but economic hardship means you just have to be creative. Package your raw food items in smaller quantities to meet the financial needs of your prospective buyers.

Not everyone have the financial strength to buy things like a full bag of rice, a bag of semo and other food items in bulk. You could buy in bags and repackage for sales during this season, everyone wants to have something on their table to eat, and making it affordable for the millions of people outside whose budget is small.

Regardless of how tough the country is, millions of homes will break barriers to enjoy themselves with family members during Christmas and the New Year.

3. Vehicle Towing Services

Increased traffic during the Christmas holidays results in congestion that often cause vehicle collisions and damage. On certain occasions, the vehicles could be badly damaged and they require a towing vehicle to move them to the closest auto repairer shop.

Again, vehicle towing thrives outside of Christmas but it is equally one of the Christmas-related business ideas that enjoy massive patronage during festive celebrations.

4. Makeup Business

People love to look their best for special occasions such as Christmas shows, parties, group photos, family reunions, and so on. As a result, they often contract their makeup services to professionals. This creates a large business opportunity for makeup experts. Similarly, people require themed makeup to fit into Christmas parties with specific themes.

After investing in necessary makeup kits, you should create sufficient awareness by networking with the right people in the sector whom would connect you to a great client base in Nigeria, Africa and many other places worldwide.

5. Short Let

People travel to other places to have fun during and after Christmas. These people need a top-notch and secure place to cool their heads with loved ones.

To those of you who are in the real estate industry, it will interest you to know that terraces with modern amenities would definitely meet the high housing demand demands of individuals, and families who want to spend their holiday away from home.

Do you know why this is a good business opportunity in cities like Lagos, Abuja, Warri, Owerri, Enugu, Aba, Nnewi, Onitsha, Asaba, Benin City, Osogbo, Obudu, PH, Ibadan, just to mention but a few?

Demand for hotels during this season is usually high; as such short-let apartments could complement the overbooked hotel rooms.

6. Branded Gift Items

Right from the month of October yearly, companies and corporate entities begins to make provisions for gift items for their staff members.

The truth is that many of these bodies don’t just give out the items as it were, rather, they prefer the gifts items to be unique and possibly carry the brand logo.

If you’re creative, or a logo designer, it’s time to put up samples of your designs on social media to let your followers know what can offer.

Do you know that a lot of people have made millions from this branding business during the Christmas period?

If you have idea of how this works, it is one of the many profitable Christmas business ideas that could add value to your bank account.

7. Selling Shoes

Most of us like to wear new shoes on Christmas or New Year, so you can start selling shoes. The good part: this business has been made easy. You can do shoe selling business on pre-order sale service.

Go to ecommerce stores like: amazon, eBay, aliexpress, Jumia, Konga among others to get samples of shoes you want to sell, download the photos and begin to market on your social media profiles, on WhatsApp etc

When a customer makes a financial commitment, then you order and deliver. Don’t forget to get the cost of delivery to your customer’s location and the actual price of the product before giving your customer a specific price.

8. Selling Jewelry

Accessories such as wedding, and regular rings, necklaces, and hand bangle among others are certainly some of the most purchased items during the Christmas season.

In the event that you do not have enough financial power for this business, you should adopt the business strategy we mentioned in the sales of shoes. It works, try it.

9. Selling Underwear

If you’ve been looking for a profitable Christmas business ideas you can start with less than NGN100, 000, selling underwear for men and ladies is one of them.

What makes this unique is that most people love to change their underwear when Christmas or New Year approaches.

10. Organizing Christmas Special Songs

If you are good in music and singing, then the Christmas season is a platform for you to compose special Christmas songs for families. You make cool money from this service. The fact that the song is especially dedicated to a family makes it unique and wants them to pay for your service, depending on how deep the pocket of your customer is.

11. MC of Events

If you are not a shy person, and you are a good orator, this is a good Christmas business idea for you. During this period, most organizations, clubs, and even religious centers need people to moderate or be an MC

12. Events Planning

As it were, event planning is not a new business, what we see around us every year indicates that people love to fix their events during the “ember months”; most especially, the Christmas season.

Not just that, this is the time when friends love to have a reunion party, this event needs a planner to make the occasional classic.

From experience, I discovered that you can actually earn, depending on the financial status and class of the organizers, between NGN80, 000 to NGN500, 000 for just planning one event.

13. Haulage Business

We all knows that in Nigeria, supplies are usually very high during the Christmas periods, and all over the world, this is the reason the government of UK advertised for more workers to meet the Yuletide craze for goods.

More consumables, and wearable would be sold during this period. If you live in an industrial area and you have a truck that is for personal use, you can also put it up for haulage business to help manufacturers meet demands.

14. Cleaning & Fumigation Service

Most families who are based outside their home towns and villages, or overseas countries come home for Christmas or the New Year. Most times, they need someone to clean up and fumigate their house and its environment.

15. Selling of Flowers

If you’re in a country where Christmas gift like flowers is appreciated and valued, you can sell flowers during this period.

16. Holiday Party Band

People see the end of the year to celebrate and relax and listen to good music, you can form a band to perform at the event center, at homes where family members and friends gather together.

17. Tattoo Creation Service

Tattoo has been an ancient African traditional makeup, most especially by the Hausa-Fulani, and Yoruba ethnic groups.

Among the Hausa, it’s called henna. The good part is that beauty has been modernized, whichever one you know how to do best, you can commercialize it and make money by drawing on the human’s body during holidays. We have people who want to have various pictures drawn on their bodies.

18. Sales of Ladies’ Wig

Born-straight hair and other hair accessories are always in high demand during Christmas; as such ladies’ hair business is another opportunity to make extra cash because females want to look dashing.

19. Organizing Travel Tours

A lot of activities come with travel during the holiday. People want to book hotels, they want to know the most secure ways to catch fun during the holiday, and this is a gap you can feel with the help of friends who trust you.

20. Christmas Hampers

The Christmas period is synonymous with hampers, as a result, hamper also is one of the profitable Christmas business ideas that can actually fetch you extra money as individuals and families look forward to having a funfair and juicy Christmas holiday.

21. Selling Fire Crackers

In those days when we were growing up, one of the Christmas gifts our parents would buy for us are firecrackers even two months before Christmas.

But because of the security threat in Nigeria and the failure of users to take precautionary measures that guide the use of firecrackers, however, the Nigeria Police once announced its ban.

22. Tourism Security

Nigeria is blessed with thousands of wonderful tourist attractive locations, but the security situation is depriving the country of creating opportunities in this sector.

Incredibly, insecurity is a good business for security experts; it means their service would be more needed. So, if you’re a security expert, why not begin to provide tourism security for people who might want to come to Nigeria to visit?

23. Christmas Delivery Service

Another profitable Christmas business idea is Christmas delivery service. There are millions of people who want to present Christmas gifts to loved ones, but distance are a hindrance, others want to make it a secret; this is an opportunity for you to come in as a delivery person. You can actually run errands for those who need this service.

24. Photography

We all know that in Nigeria, most especially the southern, western and eastern parts, taking photographs during Christmas season as a top most priority.

This is an opportunity for making a cool catch in the photography business because people still want frame versions of professionally taken photos.

From generation to generation, photography has remained a cool and profitable Christmas business idea you can start if you have a professional HD camera.

25. Selling of Wine

During the Yuletide season, people drink a lot of wine at home, at get-together events and many other places. Many people who will be traveling to the home towns and villages are readily on the lookout for wines.

26. Installing Christmas Light

While some people might want to simply hang the Christmas light in the sitting room during Christmas season, others would prefer hanging the lights on the fence of their apartment, yet, there are a lot of individuals and families who will need the expertise of a professional to bring out the beauty of these lights in a unique way.

This is a service you can provide for people who want class and aesthetics, most especially hotels, clubhouses, and recreational centers that need a professional light installer.

All you need is creativity, you don’t need a special skill, just think outside the box, and be creative.

27. Catering/Cooking Service

I used to know a particular family in my home town that hosts a lot of people during Christmas and New Year season, they sort the services of caterers to cook, and serve food to their guests.

There are also clubs, cooperative and many other bodies that would need the services of a caterer, if you are sure of yourself that you can cook very well, then this is an avenue for you to explore this season. Just let them know it’s something you can very well.

28. Renting Christmas Party Venue

If you have some plots of land that are not in use, people who need a spacious location to host friends can rent. All you have to do is clean it up. This is mostly a good business in during festive periods.

In conclusion

Be reminded that the above mentioned profitable Christmas business ideas are not limited to the Yuletide alone, these businesses can be done anytime of the year, however, the demand for them is very high during the festive period.

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