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6 Habits for Maximizing Work Schedule and Parenting

6 Best Habits for Maximizing Work Schedule and Parenting
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You will agree with me that life have become so difficult with families in the present economy of their nation to be able to afford daycare costs, many parents are choosing to work from home while caring for their children at the same time. Herein this post, we shall be exploring the 6 habits that will enable mothers maximize their work schedule and parenting at the same time.

This is the only way parent can be present and get actively involved in their day-to-day activities for the milestones of a child’s growing years and, as well as saving the costs of having an outside job (such as commuting, lunches, uniforms/dry cleaning, etc). Let’s quickly look at these 10 lifestyle changes will help you to prioritize your schedule and encourage success in both work and parenting in this post.

In as much as the advantages therein are numerous, there are also challenges that must be overcome to enable parents become successful professionals while nurturing, teaching, and providing for their children simultaneously.

Below are Habits that will help you maximize your schedule in work and parenting:

1. Wake up earlier

As a mother in business, it is required that you wake up at least 30 minutes earlier than your children! I know sleep is at a premium, but spending a few quiet, uninterrupted moments to get dressed and plan your to do list for the day will reward you many times over. An afternoon quiet time/nap time for your children (depending on your children’s ages) is also a lifesaver for at least an hour of productive time as well.

Plan it into your day! My oldest daughter (11) uses this time to sew in her room while my son (9) builds masterpieces with Legos or Contraptions. I plan this time to coincide with my toddler’s afternoon nap and do the bulk of my work for the day during this window of time.

2. Organize your work area

The ares that needs to be organized includes your home, as it is an extension of your work area. It is near impossible to concentrate on lucrative projects when the desk is piled high with papers, all the horizontal surfaces are covered, and nothing is where it belongs (or even has a place where it belongs!) It overloads your mind with distraction and sabotages your time management because nothing is ever where you can find it. Take the time (a few days if necessary) to clean and declutter each area and start fresh.

3. Make a toy bin

If you have toddlers or preschool age children, keep a laundry basket filled with favorite toys and bring it out only during your work time. Blocks, books, and puzzles are great! Your children will look forward to the special time of day when they are allowed to play with their favorite toys and you can accomplish tasks in the same room with them while they play. Be sure to put the basket out of sight and reach when the business-related task is over to maintain the new and exciting allure of these toys.

4. Limit screen use

It is normal to be tempted to have your pre-schooler in front of educational television series, and give your older children access your spare laptop or smartphone, please resist the urge! Honestly, they will be calm and engrossed in the entertainments therein, however, it is a clear disservice to them at that age, and will eventually have detrimental effects on their mental and physical development. Depending on age, you could allow 30 minutes – 1 hour of TV or tech gadget use per day per child, and planning those minutes to occur during your most intensely productive work sessions can be helpful.

5. Hire a mommy helper

If your profession requires your young children to have outside care for a couple of hours per day, consider a “mommy helper” instead. An older child or preteen who is not yet old enough to babysit alone can be a wonderful help to entertain your children while in the house with you and under your supervision. They will often work for a minimal amount compared to a daycare (clear with their parents first, of course) and it can be a positive first-time-job experience for them as well.

6. Implement a chores/cleaning routine

Stop the marathon cleaning once you have completed the initial de-cluttering and cleaning of your house (see tip # 2)! You must have a daily plan, and different methods work for different situations. Consider dividing your weekly chores throughout the week: vacuum on Mondays, sweep and mop on Tuesdays, clean bathrooms on Wednesdays, etc. Wash a load (or two) of clothes daily, dry them, and put them away.

Or, if you prefer a one day chore day, delegate 2 hours on Fridays for the basic cleaning routine. You will find that keeping the house uncluttered and organized will help you save time cleaning! If your children are old enough, involve them in the weekly chores. My oldest children vacuum and dust their own rooms, and one cleans the toilet and sink in their bathroom while the other cleans the bathtub. One sweeps the bathroom floor and the other mops it. Every week, they earn spending money by doing their chores well and without complaining.

Spend 15 minutes a day (set a timer) removing clutter from one room/area or doing detailed cleaning (windows, corners, etc.) to stay on top of these “extra” chores. Be sure to daily put dishes in/empty the dishwasher, clean off the table, go through the mail, and put things back as you use them. It will change your outlook as well as your results!

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