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How to prepare your site for Google AdSense approval

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However, even though Google is one of the most widely used search engines, many posts and articles online explain how to configure Google AdSense. It would show that a significant number of blogs rely solely on revenue generated by Google AdSense, making the market more saturated with competitors. In this brief but detailed article, I have listed the major steps for getting your website/blog prepared for Google Adsense approval.

When you hear that making money with Google AdSense is simple, you should know that this is not the case in reality. Google AdSense has been around for some time. This is because Google has implemented many stringent regulations that must be adhered to, or you risk having your account terminated.

Creating advertisements for the Google Search Network can be done by using the Google AdSense program. It will generate advertisements that are automatically contextual and place them next to your content on, the Google Display Network, and YouTube videos.

This post’s purpose is to serve as a guide for you on how to get your website ready for the acceptance of Google AdSense.

AdSense is one of the very best contextual advertising networks; there’s no use in repeating that. Up until recently, getting approved for AdSense was a straightforward process. First, you sign up for a new AdSense account. Your account is evaluated, and finally, the AdSense team decides to accept your application. After that, you are free to place advertisements on your website and begin earning revenue.

AdSense has introduced changes to the AdSense approval procedure that will immediately make it simpler for new publishers.

How to prepare your site for Google AdSense approval:

• Create a website and publish about 28 unique articles (non-AI generated articles, and plagiarism free).
• Avoid using Google Adsense prohibited languages and words.
• Use a Google Adsense friendly theme.
• Make your site layout easy and user friendly, (optimized navigation)
• Use non-copyrighted images.
• Put in place the must-have pages: (About, Contact, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use).
• Do a bit of on-page, and off-page SEO.
• Submit your site to Google Search Console for indexing.
• Wait for about 14 days before applying for Google Adsense.

After you have done the above, go over to Google Adsense and create an account.

When you apply the code to your blog, it will display blank advertisements. Watch the following video to learn how to establish your very first ad unit with Google AdSense:

The examination of your application would typically take place after forty-eight hours. As soon as your application is accepted, it will begin displaying advertisements on your blog, and you will immediately begin earning money.

The following steps must be taken to get approved for AdSense:

Visit Google Adsense to sign up for an account with the AdSense program. Give out all the correct information, including your name, address, and website URL.

Create AdSense codes using your AdSense account after you have logged in. Insert the codes into the sidebar of your blog.

Advertisements will not be shown until the final approval procedure has been completed. The approval process may be as long as two weeks. Make sure that the advertisements are not removed.

You will receive an email after the final AdSense approval has been processed.

When your earnings with AdSense reach a total of $10, AdSense will send a PIN to the address you provided.

After you have received the Pin, you should input it into your AdSense account after you have logged in.

Congratulations, you have finished all of the required steps. When your account hits $100, Google will send or wire your earnings to you, depending on which option you choose. I propose you set up a direct bank transfer for AdSense payments.

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