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Profitable Entertainment Business Ideas in Nigeria

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The entertainment business is undoubtedly a fascinating industry, requiring knowledge and strategic planning to succeed in this business. The global entertainment and media market includes all broadcast media, from newspapers, magazines, television and radio to popular forms of entertainment such as movies, music, books and the Internet. Herein are list of profitable entertainment business ideas in Nigeria.

Forecasts show that Internet advertising will be the sector with the highest annual growth rate, growing by 10.7% over the period. By comparison, magazine publishers expect him to shrink by 1.9% on an annual basis. While some entertainment businesses are very cash intensive and require large investments, there are opportunities to develop them on a smaller scale with relatively little capital investment.

List of Entertainment Business Ideas

Here are some profitable entertainment business ideas that will not only help in pursing hobbies and fitness but also generate a healthy income. Following are those ideas.

1. Acting School

If you have a passion for acting, you can open an acting school to teach acting. This is one of the most promising businesses you can start with a small capital investment. You can also start your business from home. However, to run an acting school successfully, you must have sufficient knowledge and skills.

2. Birthday Party or Event Venues

To provide party or event bookings at your venue, we allocate several properties to accommodate the specific maximum occupancy you have in mind. This brings different segments such as families, corporate gatherings, and school activities into the FEC, giving businesses a high-profit activity during normal downturns. Link bundles to indoor activity and attraction game passes, grocery packages, and loyalty his promotions to close deals.

3. Wedding Consulting

Wedding consulting and wedding planning comes naturally to those who are organized and meticulous. Over the past decade, the need for professional wedding consultants has skyrocketed. Today, people are too busy juggling the demands of their work and personal lives to afford to oversee the details of making their dream wedding come true.

4. Bus Tour Company

Setting up a bus tour company is an excellent solution for entrepreneurs who want to inform local communities and visitors about local areas and historic sites of interest. You should be informed about the location or region in which you work, have good interpersonal skills, and have some commercial experience.

A proper driver’s license is also required to drive a bus or van. Initial costs are low (around $30,000 to $60,000 depending on the type of bus purchased), but first year earnings can be in the six figures. Earning potential is affected by many variables, including location, number of buses in the fleet, and desirability of excursions. The industry has great development potential, especially if the location is chosen carefully.

5. Magician

Magic is essentially an art. Magicians perform this art by natural means, using tricks or illusions of seemingly impossible or supernatural feats. This is his one of the most popular entertainment business ideas in the world. If you have the right skills and love to please people, you can offer magic show services to your clients.

6. Dinner Theater

A dinner theater business is perfect for entrepreneurs with diverse interests and skills, including theater, restaurant management, business and marketing. Must be able to work most nights and weekends and be comfortable with non-standard schedules.

Incorporation costs are high ($500,000 minimum), but you can make a profit based on your food and beverage sales. As guests seek more engaging and imaginative ways to spend their evenings, the right business strategy and traction can bring great success in this market.

7. Comedy Club

Over the past 5-6 years, the stand-up comedy scene has exploded in India and many comedians have become mainstream voices. For this reason, it’s a great time to invest in a comedy club. Comedy shows are much cheaper to watch than most, so it makes sense why comedy show ticket sales have increased. So a good comedy club can bring you a lot of business today if you can play your cards well.

8. Music Production

In general, starting a music production company requires experience, skills, and talent for analyzing music. Additionally, an upfront investment in recording equipment and studio space is required. If you are already educated, if not, you should consider doing some courses.

9. Miniature golf course

The miniature golf course is another family attraction that caters for all ages. An indoor or outdoor miniature golf course is a good choice if you have a lot of real estate for FEC. According to an expert group of business consultants, opening this type of store will bring about $500,000 in leasing and improvements, decor, building plans, insurance, infrastructure, POS/ticketing/redemption systems and golf equipment.

10. Videography

If you are a passionate videographer, you can start your own videography business from home. People are looking for videography services for both corporate and social events. But you need a quality camera with other equipment and tools. Additionally, good communication and networking skills are required to succeed across the company.

11. Bouncy Castle

Bouncy Castle rentals for children are considered an outdoor entertainment business. This business can also be started from home or part time. This amusement facility is very popular with children.

12. Voice Over Service

A home voiceover service business is a great way to generate income with little investment. If you have a good voice and pronunciation, you can start this business as a part-time job. Networking is one of the most important aspects of long-term business success.

13. Music Reality Show

It is very possible to earn big income and even wealth from starting a music reality show. If you are not aware of this before, then know it now. Think about Nigerian music Reality TV Show Stars like Omawumi, Timi Dakolo, Chidinma and Iyanya who made it big in the industry.

This certainly is a good way to make some money for you. If you have what it takes, then tinker with this idea.

14. Modeling Agency

Another one on my list of unique and profitable entertainment business ideas in Nigeria is modeling. Any entrepreneurs in Nigeria who desires to build careers in Entertainment can easily start a modeling agency with little capital. It is a popular business idea.

15. Instrumentalist

The demand for drummers, keyboardists, guitarists, and other specialists who can play many different instruments is high today for different concerts and by various musicians.

As you already know, Churches are always on the lookout for good drummers, flutists, saxophonists and guitarists.

If you are good in any of the instruments, trust me, you can earn good money from this without leaving your regular business or job.

16 Event Planning

Event planning is one of the best business ideas in the entertainment industry with the least persons. Not everyone has the skill of event planning. And you can’t fake it. It is a business that demands certain level of creativity and organizational skills to ensure you are an authority in this field.

It is a business that builds on your contacts. You just have to know people who are best in their jobs in this and that.

Be reminded that in most cases, you may not be working directly with the celebrants themselves but their delegate or manager. You don’t need to have a hall of your own. You can always book for one. Register your business, share contact cards, position yourself as experts, and watch the miracle unfold.

Event planning ranks as one of the top and thriving entertainment business ideas in Nigeria.

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