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Big Companies That Accept Bitcoin Payments

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You will agree with me that the world is slowly but steadily going towards a new digital currency era. No one is left out of the digital currency influence and wallets, from individuals to big business organizations. In this post, I have listed top companies in the e-commerce, web hosting and technology companies that accept bitcoin payments.

Irrespective of the status, big legendary business organizations or small startups, hassle-free national, lower transaction fees, and international transactions, immediate settlement, security is still the key points that still exist in this advanced technology age when we can settle our deals with digital payments.

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In this article, we will be talking about the giant companies that accept Bitcoin as means of payments around the world today.

List of Companies Accepting Bitcoin

With increased popularity of secure, safe and, most importantly, decentralized features it offers, Bitcoin are steadily gaining popularity in every business sector.

Let’s get into this deeper and study the comprehensive list of major sectors — e-commerce, technology, Domain Registration and Web Hosting Companies, and Food and beverage companies.

These business corporations accept Bitcoin as payment and are not just growing but providing assurance also to their clients with very safe and secure transaction.

4 e-Commerce Companies That Accept Bitcoin:

Following below is a list of eCommerce companies that are accepting Bitcoin payments and have fastened their seatbelts for digital currency.

1. Big Commerce

Big Commerce (BIGC) in a bid to globalize and innovate new fields for their trading partners, now deals in a wide variety of varieties of cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin inclusive.

Big Commerce, which is one of the leading Open software-as-a-service (SaaS) e-commerce platforms, is teamed with BitPay and CoinPayments for cryptocurrency payments.

With this, BIGC aims to adopt growth in their audience base, boost sales, and build up loyalty towards them.

2. Shopify

With its specially built feature, which accesses customization features like store themes, discounts, and functions, Shopify manages the entire merchant’s business, from B2B to direct-to-customer (DTC) business or both, in one place.

Shopify has teamed up with Bitpay for Bitcoin payments to make for a hassle-free payment method without relying on third-party providers. With a support channel, the eCommerce platform has tried to give the best user experience to its clients.

3. Microsoft Store

For its Microsoft Apps Store, Microsoft (MSFT) as one of the leading giant tech companies started using Bitcoin in collaboration with Bitpay.

MSFT’s store is totally dedicated to tech-savvy responsible persons, administrators and authorities that is why one can easily pay with varieties of virtual currency aiming to providing easy non-intervention of third parties with more convenience.

4. NewEgg

Newegg Commerce, Inc. (NASDAQ: NEGG), is an American online retailer, and one of the leading global eCommerce leaders that deals in hardware and software, lifestyles, home styles, and likewise. It also serves the purpose of technical platform and a supply chain under one channel.

On their official website, a detailed piece of information is provided which says that NewEgg is accepting digital currencies and claims to be the first major retailer to accept Bitcoin as a payment method since 2014.

To add more to their policies regarding Bitcoin payment, there are certain restrictions for purchases of pre-orders such as NewEgg gift cards, will-call orders, Bank-issued gift cards, subscription orders, return shipping labels, Pre-orders.

2 Tech Companies That Accept Bitcoin:

Like the eCommerce sector companies, Techy companies have also started using Bitcoin. After all, reduced costs are the best way to maximize companies’ profits.

In this regard, the following are the names of well-known technology firms that are accepting Bitcoin transactions so that they could reach their target of cost-effectiveness:

1. Dell

Are you a freak of latest technology gadgets such as laptops, desktops, gaming PCs, servers, workstations, monitors? If yes, then Dell has it all.

The primary focus of Dell Technologies is to help people transform their lives with extraordinary capabilities. And to accomplish this, Dell was ranked as the largest shipper of PC monitors globally and the third-largest PC vendor by unit sales worldwide.

With a successful partnership with a third-party payment processor such as Bitcoin wallet Coinbase, Dell has successfully started accepting Bitcoin since the year 2014. This decision helped the technology Greek achieve the largest numbers.

2. Express VPN

How would you feel if you don’t need to log in to the internet to access it? This means no one can trace you with your IP address. This system is known as Virtual Private Network (VPN) with the aim to encrypt IPs whenever coming in contact with any public network.

Features like security, compatibility, and no sharing of data are one of the reasons to admire the company by its users.

To avail more features for plans, Express VPN has opened the world of digital payments through online transfer payments, Bitcoin, debit cards, PayPal.

4 Web Hosting Companies That Accept Bitcoin:

The main motto behind Bitcoin payments in the web hosting and domain registration industries is to allow users live on their terms and conditions.

Global methods of payment, no identification proofs, and namelessness are some of the factors that led the following companies to adopt secured digital transactions:

1. Hostinger

Among the few web hosting and domain registration companies aiming to provide a beginner-friendly interface is Hostinger, with data centers located in India.

Easy navigation tools, plans with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and an option to add on Hostinger’s virtual private server (VPS) to control the website’s performance. All these factors put together give Hostinger top status in the list of web hosting providers globally.

To enhance the web development skills of minors who may not access bank accounts or credit cards due to their age or other restrictions, Hostinger found Bitcoin as the only option and opened the door of cryptocurrencies payment.

2. Namecheap

Yet another company in the domain registration and web hosting sector is Namecheap.

Domain name services transfer and renewal, domain registration, and reliable private email service connected with the domain are likewise some of the services rendered by Namecheap.

Along with giving a good experience to web developers and tech users, providing a trouble-free payment mode, and maintaining privacy, Namecheap accepts Bitcoin as a mode of payment.

3. Evolution Host

Evolution Host is a wide-scale hosting provider, and has been committed to rendering premium VPS services, along with specialized game servers, and other useful remote protection solutions in the global world.

An Ireland-based Domain Registration and Web Hosting Company provide a highly flexible hosting environment with the deployment of an HDD or SSD VPS within a few seconds.

An award-winning company for its fast and clean work does not want to create any sort of hinder in user experience in purchasing hosting services and hence allows its user to make payments facilitated with Bitcoin payments.

4. HostSailor

This web hosting firm has been featured as the best provider of focus and dedicated services, beyond the industry standard to its customers, HostSailor is another remarkable web hosting and domain registration company that accepts Bitcoin payment.

Technology services, dedicated servers, hosting are some of HostSailor’s features, making it distinctive among many.

The USP of Hostsailor is its 24/7 world-class technical and customer support.

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